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MobiMote Remote Plus

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➼ USERS: In order to activate the server software you do not need to purchase it from our website. MobiMote Remote Plus already includes a single PC license key for unlocking the MobiMote Server. You can generate this license key from within the App by scrolling to the registration section under the settings tab and entering your email address. If you prefer, you can use the "code" to register from the website. If registration on your PC does not succeed, there is an option to save the license file for manual authentication by sending that file to We are aware of a connection issue occurring for some users during this process and are working dilegently to correct this.

MobiMote Remote is a media and interface remote that allows you to interact with your Windows PC. It is a mobile window for your pc, music, and media center activities! Replace your other remotes and use MobiMote to access your media. MobiMote brings to you a complete, stylish, and what we like to call, "futuristic," solution! This remote was designed for this generation: providing an easy to navigate remote interface, visual feedback, and, configuration. For less than the cost of a typical remote found in the brick and mortar store, you can now access all your music type, and control your mouse from your mobile device.

Example Uses:
☆ Control Microsoft Windows Media Center as part of your HTPC/home entertainment setup via the Remote screen
☆ DJ your own party by browsing your PC music collection and playing/queuing songs on your iPhone/iPod Touch
☆ Ace a presentation using the built in keyboard, touchpad, and remote
☆ Use MobiMote to control your computer connected to your HDTV, to surf the web, view YouTube videos and more..
☆ MMORPG Gamers! Use MobiMote to play your music collection while gaming, without ever having to leave the game!
☆ Control a picture slide show for your friends on your home PC while directing it from afar.
☆ Skip commercials in Media Center without having to go across the room where you last left your remote.

Tons of Features:
☆ Complete remote - volume, channel, DVD, Directional controls, number key pad, and access to media center menus
☆ Access your music collection - browse by album, artist, genre, and playlist; view and add to your queue; play, pause, shuffle, and more!
☆ Keyboard - full keyboard with number pad and special characters
☆ Mouse - easy to use touchpad: single, double, and right click
☆ Settings - change the interface color, access your server license, take a tutorial, configure server name and port
☆ Additional Web Interface - In addition to the sleek native iPhone interface MobiMote Server can be controlled by any modern web browser that supports AJAX/Javascript. This means that you can also control your PC with your other smartphones!
☆ Blu-ray watchers - Remote is compatible with ArcSoft TMT3s Media Center plug-in without needing additional configuration

REQUIREMENTS: MobiMote requires the PC Software "MobiMote Server" which can be downloaded from (72-hour trial).

Server Requirements:
➼ Windows 7, Vista or XP x86 or x64
➼ Windows Media Player 11
➼ Microsoft .net Framework 3.5
➼ Network Connection
➼ Media Center not Required

iPhone / iPod Touch Requirements:
➼ iPhone OS 3.0
➼ WiFi Connection

Mobile Web Interface Requirements (optional):
➼ Mobile device with WiFi connection
➼ Web browser with AJAX support

Programmers & Developers
REST HTML/XML/JSON Web Service API available to easily skin web interface, and add new device interfaces. Just modify images and css to create a whole new look.